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Semi-permanent Makeup

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Semi-permanent Makeup at EverySkin

We offer a range of semi-permanent makeup techniques to give you a bespoke treatment tailored to your aesthetic objectives.

Brows - we offer microblading, ombre brow and powder brow techniques - and can discuss the best option for you during your consultation.

Microblading offers a more natural style of brow which is achieved through creating crisp and soft lines to mimic natural brow hair. This method creates a beautiful defined and arched look to effortlessly frame the eyes and is tailored to the natural structure of the client’s face. This is an ideal technique for those with sparse or scarred brows and equally for those with minimal or no brow hair.

Ombré Brows refer to a method used to create a soft shadow of colour, gradually blended from light to dark. Creating a similar result to the effect achieved with an eyebrow powder, Ombré is great option for any age and skin type, especially people with oilier skin.

Powder Brow is a very full and defined look. This is achieved using a powdered technique which mimics the results produced from using a eyebrow powder. The look is structured and full throughout the body of the brow and is ideal for those who like a more daring and bolder style.

Lip blush - lip blush tattooing is a technique used to enhance the natural lip shape, create symmetry and balance or add colour. Customized to produce your desired result. Although bold at first, the tattoo will settle to give the illusion of full, naturally defined lips.

Eyelash enhancement - a fine tattoo through the lashes to create a fuller and thicker lash look. It produces natural results, framing the eye and allowing the natural shape and colour ‘pop’.

About Cody-Sue Turco

With almost 10 years’ experience in the beauty industry, Cody has worked and trained as a Permanent Makeup Artist across the globe. From Australia to Asia, she now performs her amazing treatments all over London.

Previously working on Harley Street and for a Celebrity Clinic, she has built a prestigious clientele; ranging from social media influencers to Reality TV stars.

Cody uses her keen artistic eye -combined with a deep knowledge of the skin- to achieve outstanding cosmetic results. Specialising in Microblading, Powder Brows, Lip Blush and Lash Enhancement; Cody works closely with the client to create the brows (or lips!) of their dreams.

"I have always strived to use my art to instil confidence and empower women, whether it be their breasts or brows, everyone should feel great in their own skin.

Be it Brows, Liner or Lips, Cody endeavours to achieve beauty, symmetry and cosmetic excellence.

Our prices

Brows (microblading, ombre or powder brows)


Lip blush


Lash enhancement


All prices include touch up within 4-8 weeks after first visit.

Preparing for your treatment

It’s advisable to arrive to your first appointment wearing your normal day-to-day makeup.

Blood thinners such as aspirin / ibuprofen / alcohol and other blood thinning supplements should be avoided for at least 24-48 hours before each treatment. (Do not discontinue any prescribed medication without prior consent from your doctor)

Unfortunately, these treatments are not suitable for clients who are pregnant or breast feeding.

If you are having Botox or filler in the area, this must be done either 2 weeks before or after your permanent makeup treatment.

Customers must stop using topical retinol/ Retin A / AHA or chemical peels in the area at least 4 weeks before each treatment.

Please avoid direct sun exposure and sun beds for at least 2 weeks prior to each treatment. The treatment cannot go ahead if you are sunburnt in the area.


No Botox in the forehead area for 2 weeks before or after your treatment. If you regularly tint your brows, this must be done 10 days prior. If you wax/thread your brows, this must be done 5 days prior. Exfoliate and moisturise the area for 5 days until your appointment.

Blush Lips

If you are prone to cold sores or have ever had a cold sore, you must take anti-viral medication for 5 days before and for one week after your lip blush treatment to minimise outbreaks. Exfoliate, moisturise and hydrate the lips for 5 days before your treatment, ensuring there are no dry and flaky areas. Apply lip balm for 5 days prior to your treatment. If you are going to have lip filler, this should be done no more 2/3 weeks before or 4 weeks after your treatment.

Lash Enhancement

Eyelash growth serum must be discontinued 6 weeks prior to your treatment. If you tint your lashes, this should be done 2 weeks prior. Eyelash extensions should be professionally removed at least 3 days before the treatment If you wear contact lenses, please bring your glasses to wear after the treatment for the first day.

After-treatment care

Please refer to detailed after-care provided in-clinic.

General aftercare instructions for 10-15 days post-treatment

- Do not touch the healing area with your fingers. They have bacteria on them and could create infection, always use a clean cotton bud or pad. - Do not apply any makeup or face creams on top of the area. Only apply makeup around the area. - Do not wet the area for 10 days. - No direct sun/tanning beds, swimming, steam rooms or jacuzzies - Avoid cardio or any exercise that will make you sweat. - Some itching and scabbing are normal. DO NOT PICK OR RUB. Allow all the flaking to fall away and follow your bespoke aftercare as advised.

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