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Dermal Fillers

Perfect for hydration, anti-aging.

Takes 40 minutes per treatment

Feels like: Medium discomfort, but numbing cream is available

Visible results in 2-3 days, lasting 6-12 months

Pricing from £149

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Reasons to love Dermal Fillers

Natural, safe and effective, the main component in Dermal Fillers is something your skin produces naturally on its own, known as hyaluronic acid.

The result is a simple, immediately-visible, skin-refreshing treatment that’s great for tackling fine or deeper lines, and for giving your lips and cheeks a naturally-fuller look.

Trying Dermal Fillers for the first time and need a little reassurance? Bring a friend to your first appointment and we’ll perform both your treatments for less.

How Dermal Fillers work

We use a very small needle to inject small, gel-like doses of hyaluronic acid just beneath the skin’s surface – which creates an instantly fuller, plumper effect on your skin. It’s as simple as that.

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Lip Filler (0.5ml)


Lip Filler (1.0ml)


Cheek Filler (1 ml)


Cheek Filler (2 ml)


Cheek Filler (3 ml)


Cheek Filler (4 ml)


Smile Lines (corner of mouth lines)


Marionette LInes


Jawline (1ml)


Jawline (each add. ml)


Tear Trough


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Preparing for your treatment

If possible, avoid wearing make-up to your appointment. But if that’s not possible, don’t worry – we’ll remove it for you before we get started on the treatment.

We recommend avoiding alcohol in the 24 hours before your treatment – it can make it more likely for your skin to bruise after the treatment.

If you’re breastfeeding or pregnant, we unfortunately won’t be able to perform this treatment – but talk to our therapists, and they’ll help you arrange a later date when you can join us, as well as suggesting other treatments for you.

After-treatment care

Your after-care schedule begins immediately – you should not lie down in the 4 hours after your treatment, and you should avoid any exercise for 24 hours.

Some people experience swelling or bruising after Dermal Fillers, but both are easily-treated – simply apply a cool compress, arnica gel or a soothing gel to the area. Combining our LED Light Therapy with your treatment is also a great way to soothe your skin.

You should also avoid having a facial or a facial massage for 2-4 weeks after your treatment as this can reduce the effect and symmetry of your treatment.

We also recommend staying hydrated after the treatment – drinking plenty of water is a great idea.

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Ask us anything about dermal fillers

Most people describe feeling a pinching or stinging sensation with each injection – if that sounds uncomfortable to you, we can apply numbing cream before we get started. All our highly-trained medical professionals have plenty of experience too, so you’ll be in safe hands.

We currently offer dermal fillers in the lips, cheeks and around the mouth.

Yes, you’ll notice a positive difference within 1-2 days – once any swelling has gone down – with the full results usually visible after around 2 weeks.

Each treatment takes around 40 minutes. If you’re using numbing cream, you should allow an additional 20 minutes for your appointment.

It depends on the area being treated, but for most people the results will last for 6-12 months (with lip fillers lasting for up to 6 months) – although everyone responds differently.

Our Injectors will need to make a few markings (which are easily removed after the treatment) before making the injections, and your skin needs to be clean for this. Clean skin is also the most hygienic and safest for any injectable treatment.

Our medical practitioners

Kate is a certified anti-wrinkle treatment doctor, and as an eye surgeon she has a specialist and detailed understanding of the facial anatomy and is an expert in precise and natural anti-wrinkle treatments.

Dr. Kate Reed Bsc (Hons), MBBS

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