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Wrinkle Relaxers Therapy

Perfect for anti-aging.

Each treatment takes 15-20 minutes

Feels like: Mild discomfort

Visible results in 7-10 days, lasting 3 months+

Pricing from £149

Please call or email us to book this treatment.

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Reasons to love Wrinkle Relaxers

Safe and highly-effective, Wrinkle Relaxers give your skin a renewed, naturally-smoother look.

It’s particularly good for dealing with (or preventing) forehead and frown lines and the ‘crow’s feet’ lines around your eyes. It’s also frequently used to reduce headaches and migraines and even on your underarms to prevent excess sweating.

We only ever use the original Wrinkle Relaxer produced by global medical company Allergan, and our highly-trained medical professionals are experts, so you’re in good hands throughout your treatment.

Trying wrinkle relaxers for the first time and need a little reassurance? Bring a friend to your first appointment and we’ll perform both your treatments for less.

How Wrinkle Relaxers works

We use very shallow needles to inject tiny doses of muscle relaxers to temporarily reduce muscle movement in target areas – leaving skin smoother and preventing new lines from appearing. It’s as simple and straightforward as that.

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1 Area - crows feet, frown llines or forehead lines


2 Areas


3 Areas


3 Areas - High Dose


Masseters - face / jaw slimming & grinding


Gummy smile, Bunny lines, Brow lift, Chin, Lip Flip


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Preparing for your treatment

If possible, avoid wearing make-up to your appointment. But if that’s not possible, don’t worry – we’ll remove it for you before we get started on the treatment.

Avoid any microneedling and chemical peel treatments to the area/s for at least 2 weeks before.

If you’re breastfeeding or pregnant, we unfortunately won’t be able to perform this treatment – but talk to our therapists, and they’ll help you arrange a later date when you can join us, and discuss other treatments available, based on what you want to achieve.

After-treatment care

You can go back to your daily routine right away but your after-care schedule begins immediately: for up to 4 hours after your treatment, you should not lie down.

For 24 hours after your treatment, you should avoid any exercise and avoid using makeup or active ingredient skincare on the treated area.

You should avoid having a facial or a facial massage for 2 weeks after your treatment – as this can occasionally reduce the treatment’s impact and symmetry.

We also recommend staying hydrated after the treatment – drinking plenty of water is a great idea.

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Ask us anything about wrinkle relaxers therapy

It is safe: the product has been FDA-approved since 2002, and in regular use since the 1960s. Side effects do occur occasionally – some people have mild bruising and less than 3% of people experience a ‘droopy eyelid’ – but both can be easily fixed by our experienced and highly-qualified medical professionals in your post-treatment review (at no additional cost).

The treatment isn’t completely pain-free, and you’ll likely feel a pinching or stinging sensation with each injection – but if that sounds uncomfortable to you, we can apply numbing cream before we get started.

Absolutely – our experienced medical professionals are available for complimentary consultations to go through any questions you might have.

The upper forehead, the lower forehead (including between your eyebrows), and the corners of your eyes are each defined as separate, single areas. Treating each area takes between 10 and 20 units, depending on your skin type and what you want to achieve.

Our medical practitioners

Kate is a certified anti-wrinkle treatment doctor, and as an eye surgeon she has a specialist and detailed understanding of the facial anatomy and is an expert in precise and natural anti-wrinkle treatments.

Dr. Kate Reed Bsc (Hons), MBBS

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