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Ameela (Nucleadyn) / Light Eyes Therapy

Perfect for brightening and rejuvenating the eye area.

Each treatment takes c.30 minutes

Feels like: Mild discomfort

Lasting up to 6 months

Pricing from £275

Please call or email us to book this treatment. Available in Islington and Chiswick.


Reasons to love Light Eyes

Light Eyes is a special cocktail containing hyaluronic acid, ruscosides, vitamin C and antioxidants able to improve microcirculation, elasticity and drainage in the periocular area.

This treatment is excellent for brightening the eye area, combatting dark circles and bags, dry skin and small wrinkles – encouraging a more youthful and rested look.

Perfect for addressing:

• Swelling / bags above and below the eyes
• Dark circles - especially under the eyes
• Dry skin and small wrinkles prematurely appearing in early 30’s
• Loss of tissue elasticity

Recommended number of treatments:

4 sessions, 2 weeks in-between each.

Reasons to love Ameela

Ameela (formerly known as Nucleadyn) is an innovative solution based on polynucleotide chains that restores skin firmness and elasticity, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and eye bags. This is an effective regenerative treatment to address hollowing and deeper wrinkles, as well as repaid severely damaged skin.

Nucleotides are organic molecules that play an essential role in anti-ageing processes. The strong water retention capabilities of nucleotides give this product strong moisturizing ability to restore the skin. Polynucleotides connect with multiple cell receptors, which initiates a number of of reactions – most importantly attracting stem cells to the area, which has a strong repairing effect on the tissue. This also encourages the development of new capillaries and improves the quality of the skin tissue, which results in instant tightening.

In addition, the chemical structure of Ameela also ensures the skin is protected against free radicals and cellular damage.

Perfect for:

  • Eyebags and periocular wrinkles
  • Re-densification of the dermo-epidermal tissue
  • Bio-restructuration of deep tissues
  • Improvement of superficial wrinkles (without fillers)

Recommended number of treatments:

2 treatments, with 2 weeks in-between each.

Light Eyes

Light Eyes, Single treatment


Light Eyes, 4 treatments


Nucleadyn, Single treatment


Nucleadyn, 2 treatments


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Preparing for your treatment

If possible, avoid wearing make-up to your appointment. But if that’s not possible, don’t worry – we’ll remove it for you before we get started on the treatment.

Avoid any microneedling and chemical peel treatments to the area/s for at least 2 weeks before.

If you’re breastfeeding or pregnant, we unfortunately won’t be able to perform this treatment – but talk to our therapists, and they’ll help you arrange a later date when you can join us, and discuss other treatments available, based on what you want to achieve.

After-treatment care

Please discuss with you medical practitioner for each treatment.

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