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LED Therapy

Perfect for calming, healing, rosacea, acne.

Takes 20-25 minutes per treatment

No pain or discomfort

Visible results right away, lasting several weeks

Pricing from £49

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Reasons to love LED Therapy

Gentle, quick, safe and effective, LED Light Therapy is the perfect non-invasive way to treat your skin. There are two options available with different settings, and both leave skin feeling healed and rejuvenated, with no pre-treatment prep or aftercare required.

Yellow Light LED Therapy is fantastic for hydrating, firming and smoothing your skin – and excellent for encouraging faster healing and enhancing treatment results, particularly after wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, microneedling, skin peel or microdermabrasion treatments. It also is fantastic at helping heal and reduce the effects of rosacea.

Blue Light LED Therapy is particularly effective against acne and can also be paired with Yellow Light LED to reduce inflammation and redness. It will also assist in minimizing pore size.

How LED Therapy works

For both types of LED Therapy, we use the medical-grade Healite device from Venn Healthcare to send a gentle, painless light onto your skin.

Yellow Light LED Therapy sends waves of light that stimulate your skin cells, which then turn the light into energy – increasing the skin’s healing rate, the blood flow to the area being treated, and the natural production of collagen. The LED Light also triggers your lymphatic system, which helps remove toxins from the treated area.

Blue Light LED Therapy reduces acne and breakouts by gently removing acne-causing bacteria on the skin’s oil glands. It will also help assist in minimizing pore size and reduces oil production without damage to the glands.

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LED Yellow Light Therapy


LED Blue Light Therapy


Add Yellow LED Light Therapy to any other treatment


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Preparing for your treatment

There’s no preparation required – just come as you are and we’ll get started.

After-treatment care

LED Light Therapy is so gentle, there’s no after-treatment care to worry about – just enjoy the results.

If doing Blue LED Light Therapy, we recommend following up with Yellow LED Light Therapy treatment 48-72 hours post treatment. This will help give you the very best results to combat acne.

Ask us anything about led therapy

There’s absolutely no pain at all – LED Therapy is a very gentle, relaxing treatment.

Yes, your skin will feel immediately soothed – especially if you’ve just had a course of injectables, microneedling, skin peel or other deep skin treatment.

Each treatment takes roughly 20-30 minutes.

The great news is that you can enjoy LED Therapy as often as you like. We especially recommend an LED treatment whenever you visit us for your other skin treatments.

While LED Light Therapy is not something that can ever be overdone, we do recommend having at least 48-72 hours between your treatments. This is so the cells can really utilize the full potential of the energy given to them.

No, there’s no downtime with either of our LED Therapy treatments – in rare cases, the Blue Light LED Therapy might temporarily darken your skin or your freckles, but this will fade within 24-48 hours.

The Blue LED Light therapy is all about killing off the p. acne bacteria that causes acne and breakouts. However to help heal and refine the skin we recommend following up with Yellow Light LED 48-72 hours later. The Yellow Light will help resettle the skin and prevent it from getting upset from the destruction of the p.acne bacteria. It will also help to calm inflammation, minimize marks left from breakouts and assist in collagen production to minimize minor scarring.

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