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Excess Sweating

Perfect for reducing excess sweating

Takes 40 minutes per treatment

Feels like: Mild discomfort

Visible results in 5-7 days, lasting 3+ months

Pricing from £499

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Reasons to love our Excess Sweating treatment

A quick, safe and very effective way to treat a very common concern, we only use top quality injectables in our Excess Sweating treatments. The results of the treatment can last for up to 6 months, too.

How our Excess Sweating treatment works

We make very small injections in the target area – usually the underarms, but other areas such as hands or feet are really common too – which block the nerves supplying your eccrine glands, preventing them from producing sweat.

All you’ll feel is a slight pinching or stinging sensation with each injection.

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Excess sweating (underarms)


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Preparing for your treatment

Good news – you don’t need to do any specific preparation for this treatment.

However, if you’re breastfeeding or pregnant, we won’t be able to perform this treatment – but talk to our therapists, and they’ll help you arrange a later date when you can join us, as well as suggesting other treatments for you.

After-treatment care

For 4 hours after your treatment, you should not lie down – and for 24 hours after your treatment, you should avoid any exercise.

For 2 weeks after your appointment, you should also avoid massages on the treated area.

Our medical practitioners

Kate is a certified anti-wrinkle treatment doctor, and as an eye surgeon she has a specialist and detailed understanding of the facial anatomy and is an expert in precise and natural anti-wrinkle treatments.

Dr. Kate Reed Bsc (Hons), MBBS

Ask us anything about excess sweating

Most people feel a pinching or stinging sensation with each injection – but if that sounds uncomfortable to you, we can apply numbing cream to the treated area first.

And yes, it's safe: the product we use has been FDA-approved since 2002, and in regular use since the 1960s. Our highly-trained medical professionals are also very experienced in performing the treatment, so you’re in great hands.

The most-popular area for this treatment is the underarms, but we also treat other areas – including hands, feet, forehead and the upper lip.

Most people see noticeable results within 5-7 days, and the full results can take up to 2 weeks to show.

Each treatment takes roughly 40 minutes.

The treatment is not permanent, and everyone is different – but for most people, the results last for 3-6 months.

Everyone is different but we usually recommend every 3-6 months.

No, there’s no downtime with this treatment – you might have small red bumps, but they usually go away within 1 hour.

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